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It has become commonly known that physical security is no longer sufficient to protect neither individuals nor organizations.

In an era where one doesn’t need more than a computer or a network to harm, skilled cyber-security workforce is the key element of enterprises and governments to combat the serious threat to organizations operation posed by cyber-attacks

The skilled cyber-security workforce can only be established with proper vetting and training.

We offer a wide range of course to all skill levels; from Cyber Security Awareness for beginners to courses for cyber security professionals

Our Instructors

We have an instructor corps considered to be the best in the world. Not only do they meet cyber international stringent requirements for excellence, they are all real-world practitioners. Trained and qualified by the Israeli military intelligence unit ‘8200’, these trainers have long experience in both the fields of cyber security and training analysis, development and delivery.

Course Participants

The course participants can vary from different backgrounds and experience (governmental organizations (civil & military), critical assets organizations (gas, electricity, air, rail, power, oil, water etc.), financial, telecommunication, broadcasting, insurance companies etc. Participants can be led from fundamentals all the way to experts.

Course Development and Variety

The courses are divided into three different levels:

  1. Basic
  2. Advanced
  3. Experts


Each course consists of several modules. Each module is designed upon the training needs’ analysis (KSA) Based on a list of qualifications that an individual needs to perform a specific job, the intellectual framework for this learning paradigm is subdivided into three identifiable components: Cognitive-Knowledge, Affective-Skill Acquisition, and Psychomotor-Abilities. KSA training programs are customized for each client to add the element of immediacy to every example, exercise, simulation and illustration used to communicate new information and methods.

Tailor-made Curricula

We provide the flexibility to “Tailor-made” new courses in just a few clicks, by putting a check mark next to the desirable subject. This will generate an immediate new syllabus.

Our Cyber Training catalog includes all the relevant topics to establish a proper workforce to counter all the cyber threats. Providing the key elements to enrich the cyber expert knowledge, and deliver applicable techniques, methodology and familiarity with the cyber arena.

Our courses are delivered in a training environment simulating a real setting. Alongside the frontal training delivered by the skilled practitioner trainers, we emphasize the ongoing process of “Learning by Doing” with many simulations and labs.

Prior Knowledge Requirements

The level ‘Basic’ courses do not require prior knowledge, for our ‘Expert’ level courses, participants should have:

  1. Infrastructure-related practical expertise with operating systems and communications as well as basic knowledge of rudimentary security tools.) Software developers.
  2. Holders of Bachelor of Master’s degree in computer science, software engineering or hardware engineering.
  3. People with background in at least one of the Information Security domains.

The ‘Expert’ level courses are designed for those holding a network management background in Windows or Linux or security information or software development. Requires knowledge of Windows, Linux, TCP / IP, Web and services such as HTTP, SMTP, FTP, DNS.

However, participants can be led from fundamentals all the way to experts.

Course Information and Registration

Start Date: April 10th 2018

Cost: USD $2,500

Download brochures: Basic Cyber Security Course Syllasbus

Link to register: http://www.caribbeancyberdefense.com/st-martin-basic-cyber-security-course/