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The courses of study in the School of Business are designed to prepare the student to assume positions in middle and upper management in business and governmental organizations. The program has been constructed on the assumption that contemporary study in business administration must build upon a broad base of liberal education. The plan of study is intended to develop the students’ capacity to make sound judgments in their eventual positions in management and administration and to endow them with the historical perspective necessary for an understanding of human values and motivations and the relationships between economic activity and society as a whole.


The graduate with a business administration has a broad base of exposure to business concepts. The students would be prepared for entry level positions in administration or management. Accounting concentration students would qualify for administrative positions in receivables, payables and purchasing in an organization and as an IRS revenue agent. Computer application concentration alumni seek employment as a liaison to or support for a user group in an information systems department. Finance concentration students typically seek career opportunities in banking. Management concentration graduates generally pursue entry level administrative positions. Marketing concentration have found opportunities in sales and advertising. Undergraduate students matriculating in the School of Business may enroll in the following Bachelor of Arts degree programs in Business Administration:



  • Program Length: 4 Years
  • Study Financing: Yes

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Semester Admissions Deadlines
Fall (August ) July 8
Spring (January) November 8
Summer (June) April 8