09 Nov

Students are excited about their possibilities at USM.
USM’S Fall Orientation this year was attended by 14 new students. The orientation was coordinated and facilitated by the GED Coordinator, Ms. Micaela Hart and the Student Counselor and General Liberal Arts Division Head, Ms. Leona Nestor-Hubert. The students were welcomed by the President of the University of St. Martin, Dr. Antonio Carmona Baez, who had a few words of encouragement for them as they start their new journey. In his address he stated that he saw this group of students not as our future but as our present; our here and now. He then asked the students to think about what they can bring to USM be it ideas for research, life-experience, ideas for improvement – anything that can help to make St. Maarten better. He also assured the new students that the management, faculty and staff of USM are here to support them on their journey to becoming the future professionals and experts of this country. Reusable water canisters that were donated to USM by Mr. Tadzio Bervoets of the Nature Foundation were distributed to students by the President. He reminded students that they too should take an active role individually in minimizing the amount of waste material that is generated on the island and that USM is here to help them in these efforts as well.
The Dean of Academics, Dr. Rolinda Carter, who is also a USM Alumna, had a few congratulatory words for our incoming class of 2020. She shared a bit about her personal journey and encouraged students to continue to pursue greatness in their own lives. She commended them for making this commitment to further their education especially seeing that most of them are working adults. Students were reminded of the importance of learning to think critically and maintaining integrity in their work. She looks forward to having the ideas of this new group of students show forth in the work that they do while here at USM.
The new students also had the wonderful opportunity to hear some motivational words from one of our Freshman Development Seminar instructors, Mr. Roy Cotton Jr. who gave the students an opportunity to share what they want to become in life and left them with some very powerful self-affirming statements.
Among some of the other guests were Ms. Kiran Manglani, President of the SGA; Ms. Maria Alexis from the Business office, the Events Coordinator, Ms. Valda Woodley; MFO, Mr. Robert Judd and Ms. Patricia Jansen and Mr. Claudius Boasman of the Student Service Center. The orientation was finalized with a campus tour and a little competitive card game. Overall the students had a great time and are excited about the possibilities here at USM

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