USM Preparatory Program (Pre-USM)

Below is a list of forms for students to download, complete and submit to the relevant departments of the USM. Please be sure to submit your withdrawal form before requesting a refund. Please note that the estimated timeline to receive the requested document is approximately 3 – 5 business days.

USM Transcript Request Form – To be submitted to Registrar Department

USM Withdrawal Form – To be submitted to Student Services

USM Refund Form – To be submitted to Business/Finance Department

GED Diploma and Transcript Request Form – To be submitted to Student Services


The USM Preparatory Program is a 10 month college preparatory program that allows students from the vocational branch of secondary to acquire the necessary skills, concepts, and experiences to be admitted into a degree program at USM, or to be prepared for college placement test elsewhere. The Pre-USM offers a blend of courses in mathematics, natural science and social science and linguistics needed to sharpen the communication and critical thinking skills needed to follow programs at the tertiary education level. Students will earn their GED in addition to 9 skills courses including: Algebra, life science, English and much more. Tutoring and one on one with teachers are available, as well as counseling. Morning and evening Programs run concurrently.

Persons interested in applying to the program should consult with the Admissions Department at the University of St. Martin. Depending on the information being sought, an appointment with the PRE-USM Coordinator Mr. FERROL may be scheduled.

Semester Admissions Deadlines
Fall (August ) July 8
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The General Educational Development (GED) Tutorial Program is for anyone 16 and older who does not have a high school diploma, or has a vocational training diploma. It will provide persons with a U.S. High School (grade 12) equivalent diploma on successful completion of the GED Exam.

– Enclose a copy of a valid ID card or passport.
– Enclose a copy of last high school report card.
– Pay application fee and GED Tutorial fee.

Once you have paid for the GED Tutorial, your name will be added on the class list. The Morning classes are Monday – Thursday between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM, and the Evening classes are Monday – Friday from 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM at USM.

Semester Admissions Deadlines
Fall (August ) July 8
Spring (January) November 8